Sunday, March 18, 2012

Black and white modern art

By now you'll know that I love all things black and white.  Today we visited Centre Pompidou, Paris' museum of modern art, and these black and white artworks in varying forms all caught my eye.

Above (from top to bottom):
1. Andy Warhol, Ten Lizes, 1963
2. Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Last Light, 1993
3. Rémy Zaugg, Untitled, 1988
4. Harry Bertoia, Fauteuil Diamond Chair, 1952
5. Jean Pierre Raynaud, Container Zéro, 1988
6. An illustration from Annabelle magazine
7. Francois Morellet, 6 répartitions aléatoires de 4 carrés noirs et blanc d'après les chiffres pairs et impairs du nombre PI, 1958
8. Jésus Rafael Soto, Gran doble escritura, 1977
Have I ever mentioned how much I REALLY WANT a Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair?  While I'm dreaming, I'll have an original Andy Warhol too thanks.

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