Monday, January 31, 2011

Blend in or stand out?

When the electrical wiring was done upstairs we had standard white switch plates installed, with the intention of changing them later.  Now that upstairs is so close to being finished, we need to buy new switch plates.

We were planning on buying something similar to these from Clipsal.
But since then, HPM has introduced these.
Now I can’t decide whether our switch plates should blend in as originally planned or stand out in black or bright pink.  What do you think?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Black, white and herringbone floors

I love so many things about this home – the amazing chandelier in the entryway, the ornate ceilings, the herringbone timber floors, the black tub chairs and the industrial-look bathroom.

Images from the photography portfolio of Sisters Agency.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bedroom progress... not long now

The balustrade is in and the carpet is being installed on Friday.  We will have a completed bedroom in less a week (although I think the carpet needs to set for a few days before we can actually move in).

Here is a progress shot of the glass balustrade.  I am very happy with it.  It was definitely worth the wait (although it would have been nice to have found our final and very reliable glazier earlier on in the renovation process).

The little blue corner on the glass in the above photo is just to protect it until the carpet has been laid and we have moved our furniture upstairs.

We have also made progress with the stairs, all that scrubbing is starting to pay off... albeit slowly.

See here for a reminder of what the stairs looked like before.

Here’s a photo of our carpet.  It is currently sitting upstairs waiting to be laid.

I might try to get to Cabramatta next weekend to search for a nice grey linen to make the curtains.  Cabramatta is the best place in Sydney for dress fabric shopping (the range is excellent and the prices are cheap), but I’ve never been there for furnishing fabric, so I’ll just have to wait and see.

I also need to go to Clark Rubber to buy cut-to-size foam to sit on top of the storage box that I had made to fit the space under the window.  I think I will cover that in this Florene Broadhurst Japanese Floral fabric which I have.

Martin Grant's Paris penthouse

These images are of the Paris home of Australian fashion designer Martin Grant.

I love the vivid white walls contrasted against dark timber floors and exposed beams, mixed with timber furniture and shades of grey (including the stainless steel kitchen and silver accessories).

Most of all, I want the floor lamp and chairs in this first image for my own home.  They are just lovely.

See more images of Martin’s home on Vårt Nya Hem.

For further proof that this man has style, check out his Spring/Summer 2011 Look Book.

Friday, January 28, 2011

A living room in Stockholm

I love this grey and white living room.  The only thing I would do differently – I wouldn’t cover so much of the beautiful herringbone timber floors with that giant cream rug.  More visible flooring would also provide a more equal balance of dark and light tones within the room, which appeals to me.

These images are of an apartment for sale in Stockholm, Sweden.  See more images here.

Shopping at Birkenhead Point

I stopped at Birkenhead Point on my way home today.  If you don’t know Sydney, it is a small shopping centre in Drummoyne in Sydney’s Inner West with factory outlet stores and fresh food stores.  In the past I did my grocery shopping there every weekend, but I haven’t been for a while and I always found the factory outlet stores to be a bit hit and miss.

My first stops were Nine West and Oroton.  I didn’t buy anything in either store, but Nine West currently has 50% off their Spring collection and Oroton has 50% off all stock if anyone is interested.

David Jones ~ I needed a new bronzer and I bought this mineral makeup (which also includes foundation, 4 shades of eyeshadow, blusher and 2 brushes) for $35 (reduced from $50).

Alannah Hill ~ I bought this cute knit and a pair of skinny black trousers for $79 each (reduced from $149 and $169).

Forever New ~ I picked up this cute bow to dress up a plain black t-shirt.  It was $6 (reduced from $13). 

They had a buy 1 get 1 free sale so I picked this set of sparkly bangles for my little sister (rrp $25).

Mimco ~ I considered buying these shoes when they were $199 (reduced from $349).  I was glad I hadn’t when I picked them up today for $50... the last pair in my size.

I also bought this necklace, just because I think it is adorable and it was $5 (reduced from $149).

Witchery ~ I first saw these flats in Melbourne after Christmas, but I couldn’t find a pair in my size.  I bought them today for $70 (reduced from $130). 

I can’t remember the name of the jewellery store where I bought these, but they were $10 each (reduced from $50, $40 and $70, left to right).

I don’t regularly go shopping and buy so much stuff, but I have no buyer’s remorse after this particular trip.  I am very happy with everything I bought and I will definitely get good use out of it all.  My total spend was $354 and the total rrp was $1,194 - that’s an average saving of 70%.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Andy Warhol posters

I ordered these four Andy Warhol prints from All Posters a couple of days ago.

Above image: Flowers, circa 1970

Above image: Butterflies, circa 1955

Above image: Shadows I, circa 1979

Above image: Heart, circa 1979

They are all 28cm x 36cm (including white borders) which is the exact same size as the Chanel prints in the book I featured in this post.  I decided to take the book apart (I know that makes me evil) and frame some of the prints.  My plan is to hang four frames, with two Andy Warhol posters and two Chanel prints, in our hallway.  I ordered four posters so that I can play around with combinations, but I’m leaning towards Flowers and Shadows I.

I already framed one Chanel print for my sister – the pink hand bag with a bottle of Chanel No. 5 (the third image down in the aforementioned post) in a large black frame with a black mat and it looks great.  I will try to remember to take a photograph next time I am at her home.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An art director's home in Malmö

We had a last minute change of plans today and decided to head to Elkington Park, Balmain instead of the city.  We had a nice lazy afternoon lying in the park with the puppies.  Afterwards, we went to a local Italian restaurant for dinner.

We rented a house across the road from Elkington Park for 12 months before we bought our place in Rozelle and I really miss living in that area, even though we’re only a 10-minute walk away.

Anyway, this funky home full of retro furniture and colourful accessories belongs to an art director and his wife living in Malmö, Sweden.  I came across this home on Sköna Hem (I love this site).

Happy Australia Day

Happy Australia Day!

Above image from the amazing John White.
Visit his site for beautiful shots of our sunburnt country.
Harry and I will be heading to The Rocks after lunch, Aussie flags in tow, to listen to live music and stroll through the markets.  I may suggest that we stop somewhere for dessert while we’re there...

...maybe the Löwenbräu Keller for black forest cake or a cheese platter (and some sour apple schnapps)...

...or the Guylian Café for seasonal fruits with dark chocolate fondue.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pink and grey

I love the pairing of pink and grey in interiors.  I think it’s the perfect colour combination for a space to be shared by me and Harry – plenty of moody masculine grey for him with hints of sweet girly pink for me (and a lot of black and white in between).

The walls and skirtings in our new bedroom are painted vivid white and the carpet is a dark charcoal woollen.  Both of these colours are on the true black/white scale with no warm or cool undertones.  The strong contrast should provide a good neutral base that is just harsh enough to allow me to add pink accents without making the room appear too girly.  The furniture is all black, white and timber and I am thinking of grey linen curtains.  I will probably include small doses of other colours too (maybe in artworks) because I don’t like things to look too matchy matchy.
The glass balustrade is in and the carpet should be down within a week.  Apparently the carpet needs to set for a few days before we can move in, but once the bed is up I will post some progress shots.

For now, here are some lovely pink and grey interiors.  I love the first image – mixed with dark greys and black the pink/grey colour scheme is not too girly.

Above image via Inspired Design

Above image via Decorista Daydreams

Above image via Purple Area

Above image via Bodie and Fou